Hopefuls for 26th report latest big donations

DebSF -- June 11th, 2010

As of 5PM  Friday, June 11 from VPAP: candidates in the 26th House District special election report large, pre-election contributions since the last finance reporting totals. Click for details on who/how much:

Wilt = $23,705

Degner = $30,845

16 Responses to “Hopefuls for 26th report latest big donations”

  1. DebSF says:

    Full disclosure: I gave $ to the Degner campaign.

  2. Jamie Smith says:

    Me three!

  3. Joe says:

    it looks like Kai is getting some generous donations from unions and trial lawyers.

    • Lowell Fulk says:

      Oh, you mean the people who work for a living and the folks who represent people who’ve suffered from defective products or negligence?


  4. seth says:

    thanks for putting this up deb, i find it pretty interesting. does anyone know why campaigns in different parts of the state donate money to each other? i was assuming it was because maybe someone had more $ than they needed in their race and saw that a fellow party member was coming up short elsewhere, but when i looked closer, it seems as if one campaign will give a donation to another, and then the receiving campaign will turn around and give a donation back to the donor campaign. any idea why?

  5. Gets those donation numbers up for weaker campaigns, I suppose.

    This was an interest email that came out at 9:05 this morning from the Wilt campaign:

    Dear Friends,

    IMPORTANT ALERT: Be sure to go to http://www.wsvaonline.com and vote in their online poll for Tony. As of right now, Tony is getting 68% of the vote, with 21% for the Democrat and 11% for the Independent, but we need to keep the momentum going, so go online right now and cast your vote for Tony.

    Finally, please call into WSVA this morning between 9 and 10 and let the audience know in your own words why you are voting for Tony tomorrow. They are devoting their 9-10 hour this morning to the election, so make sure your voice gets heard. Their call-in number is 433-9782.

    Thank so much for all of your hard work in this election. We look forward to celebrating a great victory with you tomorrow night.


    Peter Foster
    Campaign Manager

    • City Dweller says:

      That is one of the most odd campaign emails I have ever seen. It’s the day before the election (that radio debate isn’t going to change anyone’s mind) and most people are working during that hour. Asking people to vote in the online poll just comes off strange…it’s hardly a representative sample of the electorate. It seems like there are a lot better things for a campaign manager to be spending their time on.

  6. seth says:

    “Gets those donation numbers up for weaker campaigns, I suppose.”

    i’d understand if the situation were one campaign giving a donation to another. if you look though, there’s at least on instance (i apologize, i haven’t had a chance to look very closely) where a local campaign received a donation from a campaign elsewhere in the state and then made an identical donation back to the other campaign. i’m sure there’s a reason for this, i just can’t think of what it would be.

  7. Well, it obviously raises the aggregate amounts of their donations…that’s the only purpose I could see for it.

    I think it’s rather poor of one candidate to give money to another as I may NOT actually support the other candidate…it’s kind of like the Census Bureau firing and then rehiring the same employees, numerous times, to raise their employment numbers.

  8. John Marr says:

    Soooo, I just came back from trying to vote. Unfortunately I was informed that all of the polling locations inside the City of Harrisonburg are down. The good news? All the polling sites in the County are working just fine.

    To be fair I was offered the opportunity to vote provisionally, however Keister didn’t even have the forms. Instead I would have had to write a candidates name on a blank sheet of paper and seal it in a plain envelope in the hopes that it wouldn’t get lost and that someone would count it later. Call me a cynic, but I didn’t think that was the most efficient way to cast a ballot.

  9. What are you, joking, John?

  10. Brooke says:

    John – that’s not in any way, shape, or form, funny.

    In case anyone’s wondering, the polling places are just fine in Harrisonburg City. And yes, I voted. :-)

  11. No, Brooke. John was not joking.

  12. Brooke says:

    Well I had no problems at Spotswood. I saw one single laptop, of 3, down.

  13. John Marr says:

    The polls are working now at Keister.

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