Upcoming Harrisonburg Taste of Downtown

Press Release -- August 13th, 2010

Harrisonburg’s Taste of Downtown week continues to grow in popularity and restaurant participation.  The biannual event begins again this Sunday, August 15th.  Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance has posted the menus online.

Press release from HDR:

Taste of Downtown Becomes Regional Attraction

Biannual restaurant week attracts patrons beyond the valley

HARRISONBURG — Taste of Downtown, the biannual restaurant week managed by Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance has become an economic engine for the downtown district.  The event began in August 2008 with 9 dinner locations over three days.  Now in 2010, Taste of Downtown begins this Sunday with 13 dinner locations, 8 lunch locations and runs for an entire week.

The expansion is two-fold, says Eddie Bumbaugh, Executive Director of Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.  “We have more restaurants downtown and we have more restaurant participation.  Thanks to the development of the Downtown Dining Alliance, the restaurants are working cooperatively to promote each other and to promote downtown as a dining destination.  This is a significant philosophical difference between the restaurants downtown and those in a competitive commercial setting.”

As the event expanded, so too did the public’s attention.  “We began to get calls from Massanutten, Staunton and then Charlottesville” says Alexis Morehouse, Promotions Manager with Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, and the managing staff person behind Taste of Downtown.  “It is very satisfying to know that this event has gained regional notoriety and brings people over the mountain to enjoy Harrisonburg’s ‘restaurant row’.”

The event begins on Sunday, August 15th and runs through Saturday, August 21st, individual restaurant hours of operation vary so call ahead for details.  Menu information is available on the facebook page and website of Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, www.downtownharrisonburg.org.  You can also call the organization at 540.432.8922.

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27 Responses to “Upcoming Harrisonburg Taste of Downtown”

  1. Jeremy Aldrich says:

    During the last Taste of Downtown, it became clear that some of the “deals” really weren’t. I would be interested in having people who take part this year record what they got, how much they paid, and how much (if any) they saved versus the regular prices.

    • Frank J Witt says:

      according to JB’s website, unless they charge more than $1.50 for a soda, then they are charging you $1 more for the “special”…they were the easiest to check without going back…34 dollars last (and only visit) for 2 cheeseburgers, fries and 4 total beers…one was a special…that cost $13.00…

      • Yeah, your were an expensive date, Frank…I actually mentioned that lunch on WSVA the other day…by restaurant name, of course.

      • Daniel says:

        Let me get this right, Frank. You ordered a $13.00 beer and you’re upset that your tab ran $34.00 for two people?

        • It was actually our fault…we were offered the beer as part of a special…we didn’t ask the price, but we both believed it would have been reasonsble server to have told us that each beer was $13…since the burger was only about $5.00.

  2. Daniel says:

    During the March Taste of Downtown, the only restaurant I participated in was Local Chop House. I was a great deal; 2-appetizers, 2-burgers with fries, and 2-beers for $20.00.

    If I remember correctly, Smokin Pig took advantage of the promotion and had their “Family Pack”, or what ever it’s called, listed on the Taste Of Downtown’s flier $1.00 higher then the regular menu price of $18.99. Maybe it was a mis-print….

    I have not seen a menu for this years August event, yet. I wish I could find it online, but I can’t. If anyone knows where this menu is posted please post a link to it! I’d really like to see what the Wilton House has to offer since I’ve never ate there.

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks, Daniel. The link you’re looking for is in the first paragraph of this posting; click on “menus.”

    • David Miller says:

      Is it really 2 apps, 2 burgers and fries with beer for $20 because the HDR site reads as though its $20 for one

      If you’re correct, I’m heading there for dinner

      • Daniel says:

        No, that was the promotion in March. The promotion this week is different.

        You should head over anyway, though. Local Chop House is easily one of my favorite restaurants around. I believe in their mission and their food is great. I wish Rockingham/Augusta had more places to eat such as this where the food quality is more important than how cheap they can sell something for.

        • David Miller says:

          agreed, I’m glad that Dtown is a mecca for like minded restaurants

        • Wasabi says:

          Just want to put it out there that Joshua Wilton House supports the “local” food buzz and has been for 16 years. As a side note at least 38% of their food costs promotes local, sustainable farms in the valley. In addition, the 3-course menu for TOD is amazing and very well priced at $35.00 per person with a glass of wine. Sorry you have to add the 11% sales tax and hopefully a 20% gratuity since the service is amazing.

  3. Amanda says:

    We are offering the same great deal in the LOCAL Bar for Taste of Downtown that we shared in March: $20 includes your choice of a salad or soup, a gourmet burgers with our signature duck-fat french fries and your choice of a glass of wine or one of our 18 draft beers. The Taste of Downtown special is available in the LOCAL Bar or on the patio from 4 until 9pm. We look forward to familiar faces – and new guests joining us for Taste of Downtown!

    Amanda Zale
    Local Chop & Grill House

    • Mel says:

      Is it $20 per person or $20 for 2 persons? Daniel says in March he paid $20 total for two.

      • Brooke says:

        If I had to guess, I’d say it’s per person.

        If it’s per person, that’s about a $2 savings over normal prices ($10 burger w/fries, $7 salad, $4-5 beer). If it’s for 2 people, it’s a phenomenal deal.

        Based on previous “Taste of Harrisonburg” experiences (where the deals are usually not that compelling), I’m going to say it’s probably a $2 savings, but I’d be most happy to be wrong.

  4. David Miller says:

    Its really not about some sort of bargain basement pricing thing, from my understanding. None of these restaurants would be appropriate in that category, they’re far too good. It really is an opportunity to try the suggested meal from each restaurant that you may not have been to or haven’t been to in some time. Its also a great time to eat at the wonderful downtown restaurants when they aren’t packed full of JMU/EMU/Bridgewater students and parents. I don’t own a restaurant but that has been my understanding.

  5. David Miller says:

    although I wish it was for two, that would be ridiculously great!

  6. Brooke says:

    Don’t get me wrong agree with you David. It’s just that sometimes I’ve seen these things billed as great deals (like Amanda just did) and it feels like an oversell. I appreciate good food, and would eat it full priced. I especially appreciate a discount on great food, but $2 off a $20 meal is not a “great deal” it’s a small discount. KWIM?

  7. Brooke says:

    And yes, if it is for 2, that would be incredibly, ridiculously great.

  8. seth says:

    speaking of incredibly, ridiculously great, 3 courses and a glass of wine at wilton for $35 is by far the best deal you’ll find this week. last night i had the pork belly app, grilled cobia served on an heirloom tomato and some sort of pesto cake and a cheese plate with three very good cheeses (none stinky) paired w/ figs, plums and prosciutto wrapped cantalope.

  9. Emmy says:

    Had dinner at Cally’s Tuesday night and did not take advantage of their special. The food was great, but I wish they would quit changing their menu!

  10. David Miller says:

    I really like where there menu is currently, the buffalo chicken app is back so I’m ecstatic

  11. David Miller says:

    their, I said it, blah, undo!!!

  12. Amanda says:

    I wasn’t trying to make a hard sell, I just wanted to clarify our menu for Taste of Downtown. If you choose to have a glass of wine with our Taste of Downtown menu, the discount could be $5. Many guests have paired our Taste of Downtown menu with our ‘Best of the Valley’ Happy Hour to enjoy a meal with 2 drinks, an appetizer, salad, burger and fries at a discount of up to $16.

    I’ve always considered HDR’s Restaurant Week as a promotion of locally owned restaurants in downtown Harrisonburg – not necessarily as a week to find the cheapest eats – rather the opportunity to highlight, support and enjoy the variety of dining options downtown.

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