This Week In Harrisonburg: October 1, 2010

DebSF -- October 1st, 2010

A few additional local news items from this past week:

  • Layoffs this week at Tysons, according to WHSV. 24 workers, about 5 percent of its workforce, mostly employees hired to collect chickens from farms. According to the article, the jobs have been outsourced to an outside contractor.
  • The Augusta Free Press is reporting on internal campaign polling from 6th District Whig candidate Jeff Vanke that shows him within 4 points of Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte. According to Vanke’s website, 1,040 respondents in the district were contacted with a 2 question survey.  The AFP characterizes the survey as a push poll.  The poll gives Goodlatte a 46 percent-to-42 percent lead over Vanke. Libertarian Stuart Bain polled at 4 percent.  There is no Democratic candidate in the race.
  • The DNR (paywalled) reports that the Heritage Oaks Committee  proposed by councilman Dave Wiens has been constituted and is preparing to to examine the financial position of HO, charged by city council to investigate alternatives to boost the bottom line. No meetings have yet been scheduled; according to the tentative time line, the work is to be completed on or before Jan. 25.  Along with councilman Ted Byrd, participating as a nonvoting member, the committee includes:

*Retired attorney and James Madison University adjunct professor David Walsh.
*Former Harrisonburg Schools Superintendent Donald J. Ford.
*Stone Spring Elementary Librarian Susie Dinsmore.
*Bridgewater College Assistant Vice President of Individual Gifts Stephen Young.
*Harrisonburg Planning Commission Chairman Bill Jones.
*R.S. Monger & Sons Vice President John Monger IV.
*part-time JMU East Dining Hall cashier Wilma Bowers, also a former member of the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Commission.

  • Remember that JMU football game in the Fall 07 when the Duke Dog was sent flying in a tackle by Costal Carolina University mascot the Chanticleer?   This fall, according to the Staunton News Leader, the Duke Dog will be sent flying again, this time in the form of stuffed dogs catapulted into the air as part of a contest hosted by JMU’s School of Engineering. 20 teams of freshman engineering students will be competing on measures including accuracy, product quality and team collaboration. Judging occurs Saturday morning between 8:30-10:30 a.m. on the lawn behind the Physics and Chemistry Building. Wonder if the target will be maroon and orange.

Photo by Suzanne Smith, from the Hburg News Flicker Pool

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15 Responses to “This Week In Harrisonburg: October 1, 2010”

  1. Even though it won’t say Whig Party on the ballot next to Vanke’s name, it’s good to know the party of William Henry Harrison is still around.

  2. Thanh says:

    Shared lane markings (aka “sharrows”) were added to Main Street between Campbell Street and Elizabeth Street last week. Expect to see more of these on other streets in the City, typically on low volume, collector streets like South and North Dogwood Drives and East and West Wolfe Streets.

    What is the purpose of a shared lane marking? From the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices – sharrows

    1. Assist bicyclists with lateral positioning in a shared lane with on-street parallel parking in order to reduce the chance of a bicyclist’s impacting the open door of a parked vehicle,
    2. Assist bicyclists with lateral positioning in lanes that are too narrow for a motor vehicle and a bicycle to travel side by side within the same traffic lane,
    3. Alert road users of the lateral location bicyclists are likely to occupy within the traveled way,
    4. Encourage safe passing of bicyclists by motorists, and
    5. Reduce the incidence of wrong-way bicycling.

    Here’s a picture of one:

    On a somewhat related note, the City’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Subcommittee had its first meeting this past Tuesday September 28. All meetings are open to the public and anyone interested is encouraged to attend future meetings. The meeting summary has been posted and is available for download at Click on the link for “Bicycle & Pedestrian Subcommittee” to find the meeting summary.

    You can also join the city’s bicycle & pedestrian e-mail list to get updates on future meetings and city-related bicycle and pedestrian happenings by contacting :)

  3. Jamie Smith says:

    It would appear that the golf course committee is a bit short on people who have a lot of experience at examining “financial positions.”

  4. seth says:

    there was an EPA meeting discussing plans to clean up the chesapeake bay watershed last night at grafton-stovall. i would have given folks a heads up, but i didn’t find out about it until a friend who works in a waste water plant asked if i wanted to go along yesterday afternoon. in the sizable crowd, there were two elected officials present: bob goodlatte, and a bos member from clarke county.

  5. Ross says:

    Have you all seen the “Don’t Vote for Frank” signs yet?

  6. Ross says:

    Should Carolyn Frank drop out of the City council race, due to the following facts?

    * Only got 4% of the vote in her last election bid.
    * Was dead last in funds raised in the first campaign report.
    * A letter to the Editor in today’s DNR, by Bob Alotta was not favorable.
    * And finally, the signs all over town saying “Don’t vote for Frank”.

    It seems she has very little support this time around.

    • Brooke says:

      If, as has been suggested, the “No Frank” signs are put up by the Forbes family, on Forbes properties, that doesn’t seem to suggest that Frank should drop out. All that means is one local family has it out for Frank.

      Similarly, I would say the same thing about the Letter to the Editor. Again, like the Forbes point – your kind of making the argument that because one man writes a disparaging letter, or one family has it out for a candidate that they should just throw in the towel? That hardly makes sense.

      Now the 4% of the vote last election is a little more telling, as was her almost non-existent campaign against Tony and Kai. But I don’t think they mean she sho9uld drop out. I think it means she needs to learn to step up her game a little, and really tell people why she believes she’s the best candidate)=.

  7. republitarian says:

    Ross, Forbes just saved those signs from when she ran against Matt in 2007. He doesn’t care for her because she wants to slow student housing on Port Road for awhile. 4% is very good for an independent election in an election where both parties have nominees, especially when you spend no money. Bob Alotta is a very nice guy who is a very big republican. Carolyn could be the female version of Jesus and Bob would still write a letter saying something bad about her. Carolyn has never treated city council as a part time job….and even held a full-time job while doing it.

    Maybe Obama should resign because of these facts:

    Sustained unemployment, rising taxes, devaluation of the dollar, foreclosures and bankruptcies at the highest levels we’ve seen in decades, pitiful war strategy, welfare programs being overwhelmed….the list goes on.

    • Ross says:

      Speaking of using old signs, I was told that Carolyn Frank is using her old signs from previous campaigns. Is that true as well?

  8. Brooke says:

    Myron’s right. Besides, after reading Bob’s letter, following your logic (Ross), all of those candidates should “drop out” right? After all, he didn’t seem too keen on any of them. LOL

  9. republitarian says:

    The fact she did that well without spending a lot of money and putting in much effort should indicate that she does have support. Is she as active in political circles as she has been in the past, probably not, since she spends the majority of her time engaged in volunteer work with numerous community charities. I doubt she will be too depressed about losing and would probably view it as an opportunity to give her even more time to serve her Lord and Savior and fellow human beings.

    We don’t need people like her on council anyway…….

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