Who gets your vote today?

Jeremy Aldrich -- November 2nd, 2010

Today local voters choose our Congressman for the U.S. House of Representatives and consider three possible changes to the Virginia Constitution.

City voters also select 2 of 6 candidates for City Council and vote in a contested School Board race.

If you’re not totally clear on what City Council and the School Board do (and don’t do), be sure to check out the explanatory posts by Jeremiah Knupp.  You can also see a Sample Ballot before heading to the polls.

Because many voters are still undecided, please share how you’re voting today by leaving a comment.

Or take part in our totally unscientific “exit poll.”

In the 2010 Harrisonburg City Council race, I voted for (pick no more than two)
Ted Byrd
Charlie Chenault
Greg Coffman
Joe Fitzgerald
Carolyn Frank
Sal Romero
I didn’t vote
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Polls are open today from 6 am to 7 pm, and results will be available on hburgnews tonight as soon as they’re available.


42 Responses to “Who gets your vote today?”

  1. Josh says:

    I’m not comfortable broadcasting my vote in this public forum but I was surprised to have turned in the 108th paper ballot at Stone Spring at 7:45am. I thought the turnout would possibly be lower than that.

  2. Paul in the 'Burg says:

    I’ll share. I’m voting for Charlie because he’s a cyclist and for Carolyn Frank as a response to the anonymous anti-Carolyn Frank signs. :p

  3. Emmy says:

    I was surprised at the turnout too. My precinct has a lot of older folks living in it though so I really shouldn’t have been surprised.

  4. City voters: ANYONE but Coffman.

    Libertarian, Stuart Bain’s getting my vote for Congress.

    No on all three amendments to Virginia’s Constitution.

    • Outside Observer says:

      Really, even on Question 3? What could possibly be your contention with raising the rainy day fund from 10% to 15%?

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        It has the very real potential to reduce funding to localities and increase their burden of meeting state mandates over which localities have no control.

        I’m voting no on all three.

        Cook summed it up well.

        • Jason B says:

          Don’t let anyone know if you plan on running again. I can see it now: you’re against disabled vets and fiscal responsibility!

          I don’t think I’ve seen a series of amendments more politically motivated. I think that’s why there’s been such little discussion about it. These amendments have been ingeniously written so that any reasonable thinking person voting against them can be drowned out by simplistic phrases.

        • Lowell Fulk says:

          Regarding the House of Representatives? Hmm… I’m thinking either Gene Hart or Robert Wilson.

          • JGFitzgerald says:

            How’s this for an electoral oddity: You can write me in, if you live in the county, but not if you live in the city. So those H’burg votes will presumably cost me my seat in Congress.

      • Virginia should be shedding assets, not hoarding more money.

    • Outside Observer says:

      To clarify, I’m of the opinion that we need to target pork and reduce spending, but this is a separate question from increasing the rainy day fund. Having an extra 5% padding will not increase the financial recklessness of legislatures (and if it does, we should hold them accountable). Question 3 seems like a common sense solution in times when revenue projections swing wildly from year to year, particularly in rough economies.

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        Thing is, they want to hold back more of the existing budget, which means once again cuts to existing programs.

        • I have the same objections as Cook, too.

          If you’re going to put a referendum on the ballot, someone needs to go to bat for it, and explain why it’s a good idea. No one did that in this case, at least not that I’m aware of. Which is “funny,” considering how many Repubs went to bat for the marriage amendment in 2006.

    • Gene Hart says:

      Vanke. No. No. No.

  5. Rick Castaneda says:

    I am NOT voting for Congressman Goodlatte, we need a break from his anti-immigrant rhetoric, and I can’t vote for the libertarian so I’m voting for Vanke the Independent. For City Council, I’m voting for Sal Romero because we need a fresh voice and set of eyes in our city’s leadership and for Joe Fitzgerald. Yes on first two amendments and no on the third. Wow, I actually had one vote in common with Briggman!

    • I also voted no on the third amendment. The state coffer is not a bank, and does not need to hold more of our money to spend as it sees fit.

      Having a bigger rainy day fund will not fix what ails the state budget. Higher taxes might — assuming those funds are allocated wisely — but show me the politician with the bollocks to say that, and I’ll show you someone who will be looking for a different job in November.

    • Rick, you voted for Vanke?

      Vanke’s a member of the Modern Whig Party…according to their website, they believe:

      “If somebody is in this country illegally, then he or she should be deported if caught. ”


      “In respect to the orderly deportation of other illegal immigrants, we propose the following: A creation of ad-hoc immigration courts. Essentially, highly regarded immigration lawyers in varying parts of the country will be nominated and selected to serve as immigration judges. When a suspected illegal immigrant is caught, an ad-hoc court can quickly be convened in order to ensure fair proceedings. In this manner, we can significantly impact the current problem of immigration court backlog while at the same time empower local communities such as Prince William County in Virginia that wish to enforce immigration laws.”

      • And now from Vanke’s own platform: “Jeff advocates temporary work visas for current residents. Thereafter, those who remain in self-supporting households for at least three straight years will receive green cards.”

        FWIW, I disagree with building a costly, ineffective wall and establishing English as the official language (also parts of his immigration platform) but Vanke’s line on deportation is not in line with what you published, Dave.

        • Perhaps not, Brent, however, both the Party and Vanke claim each other as their own, and I’d certainly respect a candidate who chooses not to fully embrace their party’s platform.

          I took what I did from the Issues page of the national organization, at http://www.modernwhig.org/issues.html

          • Dave, why not look at Vanke’s specific, individual platform (www.jeffvanke.com) instead of the generic party site? There are many candidates who do not tow the line in every single party-platform bullet point.

          • Perhaps, Justin, if you have read what I wrote, you’d have seen that I acknowledged a candidate who isn’t willing to buy his party’s platform entirely.

            And, thank you for educating me when telling me that not all candidates tow their party’s platform…I’ll be sure to remember that the next time that either an election occurs of if I should choose to run for School Board or Board of Supervisors out here in the County.

  6. Jeremy Hawkins says:

    I was surprised by the turnout this morning as well. I loved that I had to drive around the to “far” parking lot and walk a bit. Seemed to be a number of people confused by the way they had grouped the candidates for City Council on the ballot.

  7. Karl says:

    I once drove past a dorm at JMU, so I was able to vote by absentee ballot for Chenault and Fitzgerald.

    Seriously…You guys are in a great position having more qualified candidates than open seats. I could make a case for all of them except for Mr. Romero and that’s only because I do not know him.

    Wishing my best to all of you in the ‘burg.

  8. Jen in VA says:

    ANYONE but Coffman.
    I’ll agree with the posting by Dave, probably for different reasons though. I like Chenault and was tempted to vote for Frank after seeing the huge anti-Frank display that went up today on Neff.
    The vote tally at Stone Spring was just over 500 at 4pm.

  9. I voted no on all the amendments also.

    Counting pure independents, I voted for candidates of more parties than I have ever done so before in my life in a single election: 4.

  10. Ross says:

    I almost voted for Chenault but, he just doesn’t look healthy enough to make it another four years, sorry.

    • Lindsay says:

      I admire Charlie for many reasons, one of them being that he rides his bicycle everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. I even saw him out posting his campaign signs last month by bike. Kudos to Charlie for setting the example and I hope that he and all of our wonderful public servants have many, many years left! :)

  11. And the award for the most ignorant and hateful comment of the week goes to…

  12. Ross says:

    Seriously, how well do any of you know Charlie? Do you know him personally or do you only know the “Public Charlie”?

    • JGFitzgerald says:

      I know him personally. He’s genuine, sincere, and smart.

    • I also know Charlie.

      That was a pretty insensitive comment, Ross. Totally out of line personal attack. Perhaps you should take the time to get to know him before you make jerk remarks like that.

      • Ross says:

        Aha, I know him well enough, thank you.

        • Brooke says:

          Somehow I doubt that. Unless all you need to know about a person is that someone put signs up about not voting for them, or their external appearance. Not sure why you feel the need to be so nasty all the time, especially about people you don’t know, but it’s not impressing anyone.

          • Ross says:

            Actually Brooke, I know him well enough to know his character rather than the public persona. I also kept track of how he (and others) voted and behaved during public hearings. And finally – yes, I also see him here, there and everywhere on his bike.

            None of the above mentioned things have impressed me. I don’t feel I’m nasty, I’m stating my opinion.

          • Brooke says:

            Again, I seriously doubt it. Do you want to know why? Because when you had a chance to state why you wouldn’t vote for him, instead of saying anything of substance, or offering any real reason, you chose, instead of make a personal attack based upon his weight. Same with the Carolyn deal. You were so insistent that there had to be something more, but you had no reasons to offer, other than your feigned disbelief in the very rational, reasonable explanations that were offered.

            If you were serious about the things you posted, you’d say what you have to say instead of resorting to lame innuendo, hints and veiled personal attacks.

            My hunch is that you just like the attention you’re getting for your posting style. I for one am done giving it to you, and I suggest others do the same.

      • Lindsay says:

        I also know him personally and agree with Joe and Brent.

  13. Randall See says:

    That was a lame comment by Ross. Charlie wins big tonight! The top vote getter with room to spare.

  14. Randy, why isn’t the SBE website reporting the election returns from Harrisonburg?

  15. WSVA reports Ted Byrd and Charlie take the election…

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