Statement from JMU College Republicans Regarding Andrew L. Jones

Jeremy Aldrich -- November 11th, 2010



On 28 October 2010, the JMU College Republicans elected Andrew Jones as Second Vice Chair of our executive board.  Two days later, we learned from Sgt. Doyle Hess of the JMU Police Department that Jones was under investigation for allegedly stealing credit cards from two members of our club.  Immediately upon learning this news, the remainder of our executive board voted to expel Jones, as our constitution specifies.  We later learned that Jones was not a student at JMU, nor to our knowledge had he ever been a student at JMU.

Jones has now accused the JMU College Republicans of expelling him based on his alleged sexual orientation.  These allegations are absolutely false – Jones’ sexual orientation was never an issue, nor were any of the members made aware of his orientation, nor did anyone question his orientation or feel uncomfortable in his presence.  We have always encouraged all conservative and Republican JMU students, regardless of their orientation, to join College Republicans, and we shall continue to follow emphatically this policy.

We are committed to advocating for conservative, Republican and community causes on the JMU campus and in the local community.


If you would like more information or wish to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact the JMU College Republicans Spokesperson, Laura Stanley, by email at or by telephone at 540 290 7148.

9 Responses to “Statement from JMU College Republicans Regarding Andrew L. Jones”

  1. Odd, I haven’t seen any documentation or news reports saying anything except that he was bring prosecuted for being gay…nothing about the reason for expulsion from the JMU College Republicans…Can anyone point me in a direction where such a statement exists?

  2. Since I was the one who provided, I’m not sure where Jeremy made a connection between Jones asserting that he was set-up, and the College Republicans.

    The relevant line from the email is:

    “I can however tell you that I believe I was wrongfully accused of these crimes due to the fact of my sexual orientation. ”

    There is no reference to the College Republicans in his email — PERIOD.

    • I had a private message from Andrew stating, in part: “I was arrested today. I was set up by College Republican members, due to my sexual orientation, I believe. I have enough evidence to believe that’s what truly happened.”

      While I appreciate the info you added in the comments, you were not a source for the story – Andrew had posted most of it to a Facebook note and had made additional accusations in private messages to me before I posted the story.

      It seems he was clearly referring to his arrest and not to his previous expulsion from the group, which he did not mention to me.

  3. Yep, I had the Facebook note too, then, it and Andrew disappeared from Facebook.

    I’ve got to tell you, this is one of the odder things I’ve witnessed, here, since moving here in 1996, akin to 9/11 when we attacked Iraq — which country was unrelated to the attacks on us.

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