This Week in Harrisonburg: Nov. 13, 2010

DebSF -- November 13th, 2010

A few additional local news items from this past week:

  • The News-Leader reports that JMU geology prof Elizabeth Johnson is studying Mole Hill as part of a $20,000 grant from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for the purpose of researching the Earth’s crust beneath the Shenandoah Valley. According to the article, there is very little published research about this well-known local landmark.  Johnson notes that Mole Hill is likely the weathered remains of a violent volcanic eruption that has eroded over millions of years of erosion, leaving only a “mole hill” covered with trees and greenery.
  • WHSV reported on Tuesday’s City Council vote in support of the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, following the lead of the County Board of Supervisors who also voted to endorse the plan at its board meeting in October.  According to the article, Michael Wong, the Executive Director of the Harrisonburg Redevelopment/Housing Authority and also the chair of the Ten Year Plan Development Steering Committee, members will start applying for nearly $170,000 in national grants within a week.
  • The Breeze reports that efforts have failed to move the trial of Peter Morgner, 20, of Vienna, who faces seven felon in connection with the Springfest riots.  According to the article, Morgner’s attorneys requested the trial be moved to another county because of the publicity surrounding his case. The request has been taken into consideration by the court, meaning the location could be changed if the court is unable find an unbiased jury.
  • BuisnessWire reports that the bond rating for RMH  is likely to upgraded with in the year, reflecting the expected credit improvement that will occur after the closing of a formal affiliation agreement between RMH and Sentara Healthcare on or about Jan. 1, at which time Sentara will become the sole corporate member of RMH.  BuisnessWire expects the affiliation to generate many clinical, financial and strategic benefits for the hospital.  Although RMH will not become a member of SH’s obligated group, SH’s financial strength provides an additional source of capital local efforts.  According to the piece, RMH’s dominant market share of approximately 84% in its primary service area.
  • Also in this week’s News Leader is a report on recently re-elected Representative Bob Goodlatte’s reaction to the outcome, saying that the results of the Nov. 2 election was less a vote of confidence for Republicans than it was for an alternative approach to government. According to the article, Goodlatte intends to introduce a Constitutional amendment that would require the federal government to balance its budget the way the states are required to, and to eliminate the visa “lottery” program that offers citizenship to 50,000 people per year based solely on a drawing. “The State Department has identified it as a national security issue,” Goodlatte said.

Photo by Randy Lowery, from the Hburg News Flicker Pool

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14 Responses to “This Week in Harrisonburg: Nov. 13, 2010”

  1. David Miller says:

    $Did anyone catch the Water treatment plants in Timberville, Broadway and New Market that received 3.6million dollars from stimulus funds. Infrastructure!

  2. Ross says:

    Hey Deb Fitzgerald,
    I enjoyed your letter to the editor in today’s DNR (Sat. 11-20-10), regarding Doug Grigg. Way to go!

  3. Ross says:

    Is Andrew Jones ready to tell us about the voting fraud yet? Anyone know anything more?

  4. He’s got a court hearing tomorrow at 9AM.

    • Ann says:

      Nothing was ever discussed about it today in the courtroom. I did see him walk in with Tracy Evans. He definitely has great representation with Tracy. We will have to wait a see I guess…

      • eso says:

        This is a question to the lawyers, reporters who cover them, and general audience – how does someone determine who a good or even “great” lawyer is for a given field?

        There was some talk about the political orientation of those representing Mr. Jones. How important is that in this town? How important is it that the lawyer be local? My understanding is in real estate it makes a big difference because they do or should spend a lot of time at the local courthouse researching the title. But in other areas of law? Is there a benefit or disadvantage going with someone in a big firm with lots of partners versus no or a few partners?

        • Ross says:

          Real estate lawyers follow the law, it’s simple. Other lawyers – not always so. They are part of the local legal system and they will make deals that do not always have their clients best interest in mind. Kind of reminds me of “Snake Oil Salesmen”. While none of us are perfect, Lawyers are being paid to be “Deal Makers” and God should have a separate place in H E, double hockey sticks for them.
          If you have never been taken by a lawyer and the legal system, you may not understand as well as someone who has.

    • Brooke says:

      The DNR is reporting that they ended up scheduling a preliminary hearing for Jan 13. Police have added another 15 charges to the list.

  5. Ross says:

    Is this Blog dieing? Hardly no new threads anymore and very little in the comment sections.

    • republitarian says:

      There is nothing going on. The only other option is to post rumors and inflammatory opinions in order to generate comments.

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        Myron’s right. There’s nothing going on, and at the same time everyone is overwhelmingly busy taking care of life.
        That’s my story, anyway…

        • Ross says:

          I thought blogging was part of life?
          Thank you Lindsay for the article on “Peta’s Sexiest man”. How about doing “Budweiser’s sexiest man”?

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