Snow Day (Open Thread)

Brent Finnegan -- December 16th, 2010

It’s no Snowpocalypse, but snow has been accumulating in Harrisonburg since early Thursday morning, and the National Weather Service issued a “winter weather advisory” for Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, in effect until 7:00 this evening.

JMU is the largest of many local businesses and institutions that has announced closure today.

Harrisonburg snow photo by Randy Lowery via the hburgnews Flickr pool.

Harrisonburg snow photo by Randy Lowery via the hburgnews Flickr pool.

This is intended as an open thread for weather-related comments. If you had to drive today, what are the roads like in your neighborhood? If you have interesting snow photos you’d like to share, add them to the hburgnews Flickr group or post them on the wall on the hburgnews Facebook page.


7 Responses to “Snow Day (Open Thread)”

  1. DebSF says:

    My son made it from Hburg over Afton to Cville in about 90 minutes. A few scary moments, but generally OK.

  2. It appears to have subsided (at least temporarily). My street is still treacherous. I live on a dead-end, and I get the impression they are lowest priority to be cleared.

    Last year, a neighbor was ice skating on our street almost a week after the storm.

  3. Actually, right after I posted that last comment, a plow went by. Time to go shovel.

  4. JMU is closing as of now officially, but it looks to me that the snow has about stopped falling. Kind of a joke, with a lot of people going to have big messes on their hands in terms of dealing with untaken final exams with little prospect for makeups prior to Christmas break starting late tomorrow.

  5. Well, I see it has started seriously snowing again. So much for me going on about wimps and all that. As a former resident of Wisconsin, I have a tendency to do that when everybody shuts down for not much snow. I remember in the late 70s when it would take more than a foot of snow before JMU would close.

  6. Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh says:

    Bubby’s Snowblower Service Weather Prognostication: Snow until dark (it ain’t over yet), little further accumulation. Sunny and above freezing in the morning. If the Republicans had properly funded your highway department, the buses would run and you wouldn’t have to pay for a babysitter tomorrow while we wait for the roads to melt. That is all.

  7. Ross says:

    Sooooo, what’s happening? Anything new? Let’s hear it. Get your groove on…

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