Harrisonburg Live Music in January

Chris Foster-Baril -- January 11th, 2011

Algernon Cadwallader plays at The Artful Dodger during MACRoCk 2009. Photo by John Reiss

This is the first of what hopefully will become a monthly post showcasing all things live music in Harrisonburg. I’ve made an effort to include as many shows as I can, but inevitably some may be left off. If you book music in Harrisonburg and your show is not on this list, please leave relevant information in the comment section and I’ll update the show listing.

Blue Nile: Chalk Talk, Quincenera, Chestpiece $4 9PM 18+
Clementine Main Stage: 6 Day Bender 9:30PM
Clementine Lounge: DJ Neals Barkley 9:30PM

Clementine: Casey Cavanagh, Lights in the Fog $5 9:30PM
Blue Nile: DJ Finks No Cover 21+ 10PM
Little Grill: Soy Hero 8PM

Blue Nile: DJ Neals Barkley No Cover 10PM 21+
Clementine: Justin Jones and the Driving Rain, American Aquarium $10 9PM
LOCAL Bar: The Judy Chops No Cover 9PM

Blue Nile: Gull, Conversations With Enemies, Band Name $4 9PM 18+

Last day to sign up for Harrisonburg Rock Lotto 2011!

Clementine Main Stage: March to the Arctic $5 9:30PM
Clementine Lounge: Neals Barkley 9:30 free
Crayola: Buck Gooter, Malatese, Teen Dreams

Clementine Main Stage: Hackensaw Boys 9:30 PM $10
Little Grill: Mandalele, Mike Deaton
Downtown Music 34: Born to Ashes, Beyond the Throne, Mirrorcage, Within Our Gates, This Time It’s War 7PM $6

LOCAL Bar: Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees No Cover 9PM
Blue Nile: Innovation Renovation Rnd. 2: with Jazz Addixx, PT Burnem, ST/MIC, Born Movements $5 9PM 18+
Clementine Main Stage: Big Daddy Love $5 9:30

Blue Nile: The Judy Chops $4 9PM 18+

Clementine Main Stage: March to the Arctic $5 9:30PM

Blue Nile: Super Vacations, Eternal Summers, Order $5 9PM 18+
Clementine Main Stage: Twilight Broadcasters $5 9:30PM
Clementine Lounge: DJ Neals Barkley 9:30 PM

The Super Vacations – Faded Leather Jacket
A track off The Super Vacations’ yet to be released album entitled Ruby.

Blue Nile: Les La Britanica, Shoot Straight Crew, Snuff Daddy, DJ Kimsey $5 9PM 18+
Little Grill: Kat & the Traveler/s 8PM
Clementine Main Stage: Yarn $10 9:30PM

LOCAL Bar: Bryan Elijah Smith and the Wildhearts No Cover 9PM
Blue Nile: Murphy’s Kids, Pants for Bears $6 9PM 18+
Clementine: Trees on Fire, Lily Maase 9:30PM

Blue Nile: Orthrus, Rivers Of Nihil, The Ziggurat $4 9PM 18+

19 Responses to “Harrisonburg Live Music in January”

  1. nicklaus combs says:

    i am so glad to see this happen on here.

  2. Amanda says:

    Live Music in the LOCAL Bar starts between 9 and 9:30, no cover for any of these shows!
    Saturday, January 15th The Judy Chops
    Saturday, January 22nd Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees
    Saturday, January 29th Bryan Elijah smith and the Wildhearts

    • Chris F-B says:

      Thanks Amanda! I had wanted to include the shows you guys booked last weekend but I didn’t get the post up in time.

  3. Jesse says:

    Well done sir.
    Also, this is the last week to sign up for Rock Lotto. The sign ups close Jan. 18 at midnight and the drawing is at 7:00 at the Nile on Jan 19. Details at hburgrocklotto.com

  4. nicklaus combs says:

    from here on out any bickering on the hburgnews website MUST be posted under the shows thread regardless of the topic to which you are bickering. i’m sending namei a link right now.

  5. Andy Perrine says:

    Thanks, Chris. Great resource.

  6. brat says:

    BUCK GOOTER – MALATESE – TEEN DREAMS – 1/20 @ CRAYOLA, local freaks

  7. Pants for Bears says:

    Pants for bears will be joining Murphy’s Kids at the Blue Nile on the 29th

  8. Chris Foster-Baril says:

    Billy, I had made a point not to include house shows because of the legal gray area they inhabit, but your post seemed vague enough. So, I stuck it up there with some links to the bands.

    Harrisonburg show-goers: What are your thoughts on including house shows?

    • seth says:

      i’d like to steal all the signs from the houses with signs, bring them to crayola this evening, and start a healthy bonfire in the gravel lot out back. the irony of the conflagration of that attention seeking behavior juxtaposed against the backdrop of the grotesque vagary that is buck cooter, all in the arms of a legendary denominated venue that earned it’s stripes through an understanding of how a name is supposed to perpetuate ambiguity would be rich.

      i think if the names are good enough for word of mouth and flyers, internet is ok. seriously though, if the name of your house is on a sign, you better be the waffle house.

  9. brat says:

    no biggy

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