Winter Weather Open Thread

Brent Finnegan -- January 26th, 2011

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Rockingham County in effect until midnight tonight. The forecast calls for a mixed precipitation of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, with an accumulation of 5 to 10 inches.

Snowflake photo by Cara Walton.

Snowflake photo by Cara Walton (from the hburgnews Flickr group).

This open thread was originally posted January 18:

There’s only a dusting of snow in Harrisonburg this morning, but it’s mixed with a thin layer of ice. Rockingham County Schools are closed and JMU is opening at 9 a.m.

Harrisonburg City Schools were closed anyway (teacher work day).

How are the roads in your neighborhood?

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17 Responses to “Winter Weather Open Thread”

  1. Wow. I went to lunch, the roads in Harrisonburg weren’t bad. By the time I finished lunch, the roads were terrible.

  2. Andy Eblin says:

    On my walk back from campus down Mason I had to shove three different cars off ice patches. It’s an absolute mess. Glad I walked.

  3. Mary Golden-Hughes says:

    All was fine until we hit a backed up line of folks trying to get off Port Rd. and up Forest Rd. by Days Inn/Univ. Outpost. Everyone was spinning and sliding backwards, some chick came out of the Royal and cut us off and then shot us the bird for delaying her I guess. Then three jerks laughed and threw snowballs at our minivan as we spun our wheels. Just as I had uttered my best curse word, lo and behold, one kind student threw down his backpack and gave us a much needed push to get us going. Love that student (and the looks he caused on the snowball throwers’ faces!). Many teachable moments for my me and my kids today :)

    • That’s too bad, Mary.

      It’s like when people steal snow shovels, instead of borrowing and returning them to neighbors. Snowstorms seem to bring out the best and worst in people.

  4. Andy Perrine says:

    I almost crashed twice, and I’m from the North. There was a terrible accident behind Bob Evans, a UPS 18-wheeler stuck on Reservoir and the usual nutjobs who want to drive the speed limit.

  5. Brooke says:

    Yeah, I kept wondering when the snow would come, and then, BAM, there is was, in spades. Everything looks awful.

    I hope people stay safe out there, and for heaven’s sakes, SLOW DOWN, especially coming down hills!

  6. Seth Liskey says:

    It was kinda funny seeing about 5 disabled/wrecked cars on port road at the same time and then students still driving crazy and seeing with my own eyes another wreck from aggressive driving… then 5 minutes later at the old rocktown intersection seeing someone come down the hill at about 25 mph, try and make the left hand turn (obviously couldnt) and hit the light pole head on, airbags deployed, engine a good bit crushed. I’m 28, but observations make me feel so much older, SLOW DOWN!!! haha.

    • Seth, I witnessed some of the same kind of driving on Reservoir yesterday on the way home from work (early). I had my flashers on the whole way, drivers in SUVs were flying by me.

    • Brooke says:

      I saw a lot of the same stuff on Paul Street, and Mason. People still exceeding the speed limit (25) by a good bit – especially flying down hills. I am surprised I didn’t see an accident. Speeding on a clear, sunny day is one thing (although a little scary to those of us who are most often pedestrians with young ones in tow). Speeding during a snow storm is just plain stupid. And I am 37 – so somewhere between old and young. LOL

  7. Jim Purcell says:

    Pats on the back—for the folks who work at keeping the power on for all of us. I live way out on the fringes of the county and had just 2 “glitches” last night. I checked the SVEC website and Rockingham county had very few outages and zero this morning when I checked. These workers are seldom seen doing their jobs but all of us benefit from their hard work all year long.

    • Jim Purcell says:

      ooooops….it’s actually 20 w/o power. Sorry.

    • Dany Fleming says:

      SVEC, like HEC, is a great example of the benefits of local control and ownership. Their decision-makers don’t live hundreds of miles away with no connections to our community. Talk to most workers at SVEC and HEC and you immediately understand the pride and responsibility they feel.

      This is exactly why we should all support locally owned shops, businesses and restaurants…and why efforts like Downtown Renaissance are so important. (but that’s another thread…now off to finish the shoveling)

  8. As usual, there are some great snow photos in the hburgnews Flickr pool.

    Thanks to the readers who added those.

    If you have good shots of Harrisonburg/Rockingham, feel free to add yours, too (but please read the simple group rules first).

  9. Cripes JMU’s weather cancellation decisions are utterly irrational. They’ll often cancel in response to virtually no snow…but yesterday they refused to cancel despite near-whiteout conditions…cars stuck in the middle of parking lots, roads covered and rapidly deteriorating…students e-mailing that they were unable to make it… The administration basically forced professors to do the canceling so that JMU could pretend that classes met until 2:15 (our department head had to send around an e-mail telling us to consider canceling on our own.) Then this morning, when the roads are almost perfectly clear by 8am, they cancel until noon. The effects of this aren’t exactly catastrophic, but I find the patent inconsistency of it annoying.

  10. Don Kidd says:

    I saw several landscape companies plowing city streets. Kudos to the City for contracting with them to get the streets cleaned sooner. That being said, I would have expected main routes, like Market Street to be clearer than it was when I came in this morning.

  11. Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh says:

    Bubby’s Snowblower Service, discounts for Democrats! (Everyone else is advised to Believe it didn’t really snow).

  12. David Miller says:

    Props to socialized electric companies like SVEC and HEC for keeping our lights.

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