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Brent Finnegan -- February 11th, 2011

If you’re a regular hburgnews reader, you may have noticed that nothing new has been posted here this week. That is due in large part to the fact that we are a small group of volunteer writers who have day jobs — occasionally we get too busy to post anything. We need a few more of us to help fill the gaps in coverage.

We are looking for people in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County who are interested in local issues. You may be (or know) a local writer, historian, photographer, videographer, or just someone who closely follows the local news, events and culture. Not all posts need to be original reports. If you can “connect the dots” between news stories A, B and C, and you would like to be a part of Harrisonburg’s community news network, contact us.

Why would someone want to spend the time and effort if there’s no paycheck in it?

I’ve posted over 1,000 articles here, and have never been paid for my work. But I still find it rewarding. I do this because I want to play a more active role in my community. I can’t have a big impact on the policy made in Washington, but I can cover Harrisonburg City Council, and tell my neighbors about what’s happening via this website.

I care about the future of news, and I want to help solve the challenges that the industry is facing. We’re working slowly and steadily toward a more sustainable model for hburgnews.com. Joining Spot.Us was a big step in that direction.

If you or someone you know would like to play a part in this ongoing, evolving community news project, email us.

Thanks for reading.

28 Responses to “hburgnews Seeking News Writers”

  1. Ross says:

    Could you find out who the guy is that calls into WSVA radio in the mornings, almost every day and sometimes multiple times a day? Someone is looking for attention- big time, it’s ridiculous.

  2. Ross says:

    Just to elaborate a little more, he called the “Dog & Cat Show” three times in about the first ten minutes of the show. Unbelievable!

  3. Yeah, that Myron Rhodes guy…what a pain.

    Hey Ross, you must listen to WSVA a whole lot, huh?

    • Ross says:

      Actually, I listened for about 15 minutes while on break at work. Sorry, I don’t know your voice. I just knew someone sure wanted some attention by being on the radio 3 times in 10 minutes. When I asked the question, I didn’t realize I’d get the actual caller to respond. I thought most radio stations don’t like habitual callers. But what the hay, have fun man!

  4. Oh Ross, just so you know, I was the one making Mike’s cell phone go off, repeatedly.

    It’s not like Britt didn’t know he was taking rrepeated calls from me…they have and use caller ID.

    I know. Why not call into the station tomorrow between 9 & 10 and complain about me? They love that.

    Funny all of the libs listening while I had Glenn Beck on.

  5. Emmy says:

    Anyone who has listened to WSVA for any length of time learns to turn it off at 9:00.

    • Christa says:

      Isn’t there a “like” button on here Emmy? :)

    • Ross says:

      I don’t get much of a chance to listen to the radio during the weekdays. I just thought it was weird someone would call a talk radio station that many times, in such a short amount of time…is that normal?

      • Christa says:

        Not real normal Ross, but then again, there’s nothing real normal about Briggman. :) And that’s OK. To each his own.

  6. David Miller says:

    Like and second

  7. Joe says:

    I have always enjoyed 550, granted I haven’t listened to it in about 10 months, but it’s better then 1300 unless there is a guest host on one of those major talk shows.

  8. The entire response to this thread…nothing about anyone wanting to write…

    I’m curious as to when you’d need a person to write pieces…because when you’re given information, potentially damaging to political candidates you do about NOTHING with that information.

    Like Matt Lohr having received multiple checks from multiple Rockingham County principals…in violation of House Rules Ethics and each a Class One misdemeanor.

    By definition, you already know the DNR and TV-3 aren’t going to go with a story like that…but you guys didn’t either.

    Unfortunately, with the demise of Candid Comment, the only truly successful way to fully-inform the public, has been killed off as well.

    • Renee says:

      Just FYI, I used the contact link in the article to contact Brent about writing again, and I assume others did the same, so the lack of comments in the thread about wanting to write doesn’t indicate anything.

    • We received about seven positive responses to this post — people interested in writing or taking pictures. Thank you to everyone who responded!

      Dave, as you know, hburgnews has so far been a “spare time” venture for all of us. I vaguely recall you saying something to me about fee payments to Lohr, but I don’t ever remember being “given information” about any of it.

      It would actually be helpful to us if you posted this kind of info on your own blog, davebriggman.com, so that we could see it, and you would ultimately get the credit for it.

      We do follow up on leads as best we can, when we’re not working our day jobs. Of course, you already know this.

    • Ross says:

      As far as an interesting story goes, I would love one of you to do a story on Andrew Lewis Jones’ allegations about voter fraud that supposedly took place in our area. He lives in Broadway. Call him and get the story! PLEASE?

      • Jeremy Aldrich says:

        Ross, write it up and send it in!

      • If I know his attorneys, and coincidentally, I do. Andrew’s not going to be speaking with any media…at least, until such time as his legal problems are over.

        • Ross says:

          The “voting fraud issue” has nothing to do with his charges… Don’t you all want to know if voter fraud took place here? It’s a BIG deal!

          • Ross says:

            Further more, if someone who worked behind the scenes in an election says that voter fraud happened, why aren’t the authorities investigating it?

          • Jeremy Aldrich says:

            Yes, it would be great to know. And it’s obviously an issue that’s important to you. Please, check out the facts and write up a story!

          • Ross says:

            I would love to get the story. I unfortunately have no idea how to contact him. Plus, I don’t have any news credentials or affiliations. I would think that he would be far more likely to tell his story to someone who has a way to publicise “his” story, instead of someone who would love to get the facts as he knows them but has no media creds.

            This investigation will not, and should not come from within – because, after all, the people who would be investigating would possibly be involved. Is there a state election board that could be contacted?

            If anyone can provide the contact info, I will follow up on it.

          • The Commonwealth Attorney’s office is, by statute, charged with investigating allegations of election fraud. Since the allegations are of a local election, she was seek to have a special prosecutor named, as was done previously when an issue about a local electoral “problem” became known.

            Of course, the special prosecutor and a judge who should have disqualified himself from the matter for at least two reasons, found there was no problem…of course, using his logic, there’s no way the statute that was violated could be violated under any circumstance.

  9. Ross says:

    Why did the story go dead in the first place? Why doesn’t the DN-R do a follow up on their own story? We all know why, it probably has something to do with Republicans.

    • Ross says:

      That’s definitely the fox guarding the hen house.

      Well Dave, that certainly explains why this has been hushed. Isn’t there any other way to have this investigated? I’m starting to feel like I am living back in the times of the mafia,crooked police and crooked politicians.

      If all of this has taken place, and a judge issued a ruling – why wasn’t that made public?

      Dave, could you provide all the info you know from behind the scenes? Maybe we could go to 20/20 investigative reporting and they would look in to it. I also know an NBC affiliate in DC that we could contact.

      I just feel this is wrong – and from what you say, illegal!!

  10. Ross says:

    So, which election was it? (allegedly)

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