Abid On The Lam

Brent Finnegan -- March 11th, 2011

Harrisonburg police are searching for Ali Abid, a suspect wanted for the murder of private investigator Greg Brown. Abid is believed to have fled the country shortly after Brown was killed.

HPD released a statement Thursday, a week after Brown was originally reported missing. Brown was discovered in the trunk of his car in the parking lot of the Valley Mall on Sunday.

Investigators with the Harrisonburg Police Department obtained warrants for Ali Abid, 49, of Weyers Cave.

Abid is wanted for first-degree murder and the use of a firearm in commission of first-degree murder.

Investigators with HPD, along with numerous other local, statewide, and federal agencies, have been working diligently on obtaining information and tracking Abid.

HPD can confirm that Ali Abid fled the area on Thursday of last week, and is no longer in the United States of America.

At a press conference Thursday, Lt. Kurt Boshart of HPD and Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst “did not take questions from reporters following their brief statements.” According to Pete DeLea’s reports in The Daily News-Record, Brown was hired to serve Abid with divorce papers.


95 Responses to “Abid On The Lam”

  1. eso says:

    Is Abid from the US? What country is he suspected of fleeing to?

  2. Delataire says:


  3. Lowell Fulk says:

    Just clicked submit, and my post didn’t show up. Sorry if I repeat myself but,
    Delataire, is this true?

  4. Delataire says:

    Lowell, it is what I have been told by people close to the victim. Wether or not they really know is open to debate. I accept thier belief as a matter of showing sympathy and condolence.

  5. Anne Lorimer says:

    Pursuit Magazine describes Abid as having immigrated from Iraq.

  6. Sam Nickels says:

    Yes, from Iran if I remember correctly. Nice man when I knew him a couple years ago, been in the US for many years, 20 or more. Very sad to see this happen, both for his family and loved ones of the victim. I can only imagine that the economic downturn hurt his business and the divorce sent him over the edge. But that is only conjecture.

  7. Ross says:

    One would of think the “Mall Security” would have noticed that car, in a big ole empty parking lot at night or even the Police patrolling in that area with the missing man’s alert notice out. (before 3-days anyway)

  8. MikeKeane says:

    Whats the latest on this case?

  9. Ross says:

    Well maybe, Mr. Boshart will give us an update or Marsha Garst, as far as that goes.

  10. I think it would be quite embarrassing, politically, if Abid has fled to Iraq, and Iraq wouldn’t release him to us.

  11. Ross says:

    There should be some kind of update by now.

    Do you remember the dead man found on the side of Rt. 340 in Grottoes about three years ago?(Robert McCarthy, Jr.) Marsha Garst held a front page press conference in the DN-R 18 months later saying they were going to reopen the case. Have not heard a word! You should not get front page coverage if you have nothing to go on. Remember, this is election year!

    • Dave Briggman says:

      Well, Ross, you got your update this afternoon!

      • Ross says:

        Well, I’d say the timing is almost perfect for an election year. Do you think Marsha will have a verdict by election day?

  12. Emmy says:

    And despite your apparent obsession with Garst she will keep her job for as long as she wants it…because she’s good at it.

    • …and because no other attorney is willing to take the pay-cut to assume the duties of that office.

      • Ross says:

        Don’t be surprised when the Democrats announce a candidate for Commonwealth of Attorney.

        • Emmy says:

          I won’t be…and this Democrat will vote for Marsha.

        • I’d be VERY surprised to see a Democrat candidate. Unfortunately, even the Libertarian Party hasn’t learned that you don’t run candidates because you can…you run them with the intention to win.

          There are only two Dems (that I know of) who would be qualified to be Commonwealth Attorney…Bill Helsley and Gene Hart. There may be others, but I either don’t know them, or I don’t know their political leanings.

          • Ross says:

            If Bill Helsley or Gene Hart were to run, they just might win. There seems to be a “BUZZ” about a “Boot to Drop” by September.

          • Gene Hart says:

            I have it on good authority that all Gene Hart will be doing this fall is working and watching his son and the Turner Ashby Knights play football. Not necessarily in that order.

          • Ross, I’ll agree with your assessment. If presented with “qualified” opposition, Marsha would have to spend more money that the two bumper stickers on the back of her Hummer to mount a campaign.

            However, I’ll disagree with any speculation that Marsha’s raid of the Breeze would have any impact on her ability to be re-elected…the issue is too technical to be explained in either a soundbite or a piece of direct mail.

            In short, if you don’t already know it was an illegal search conducted to a, presumably, legal search warrant that should never have been issued, then you’re not going to sway voters on the issue.

            But I think Gene would confirm for all of us that any qualified candidate would likely take a pay cut to take the job.

            There are also, IMHO, a number of Republican/conservative attorneys qualified for the seat…Aaron Cook, Andrew Harding, Bill Eldridge, Tony Bailey…and with the exception of Tony (one of Marsha’s Assistants), they’d all likely also take a pay cut.

          • Ross says:

            Not all lawyers make as much as Marsha Garst. Isn’t it around $140,000 per year plus, about $30,000 worth of benefits on top of that? Besides, it may not be all about money. Someone might think Rockingham Co. Residents deserve better and that they could do it.
            BTW, does anybody know how many hours a week she works?

    • Delataire says:

      Ha, she’s blown more cases with her big mouth ranting to the DNR, than Lady Gaga has in album sales.

      • Ross says:

        That’s what a lot of people think and that someone should step up to the plate and challenge her. However, I think that’s in the works.

    • Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh says:

      2 years ago I would have agreed with you, however the way Garst handled the Springfest stupidity showed a profound lack of judgment by Garst. She had an opportunity to demonstrate a measured response, reason, and adherence to the Rule of Law. Instead she launched an illegal search and seizure, bullied the JMU student media and in the process managed to act more the ass than the drunks over in the student ghettos. Failure, snatched from the hands of a teachable moment!

  13. Emmy says:

    OK now if Gene ran I would vote for him!

    • Ross says:

      In my mind that makes it official. Come on leaders of the local Democratic Party; there has to be an honest, qualified prosecutor that would do the City and County proud. Give the voters a choice.

  14. Joe says:

    Illegal searches get thrown out of court, not used in court.

  15. MB Green says:

    I wish someone would run against Garst. I have been very disgusted with her this past year.

    • Ross says:

      You would think that the local Democrats owe it to their party members to try and have a candidate for the upcoming Commonwealth Attorney’s Election Race. If not, what does their Party stand for?
      This is a competition. Can’t you even get a player/candidate to compete? This is why you belong to the Democratic Party. STAND UP FOR YOUR PARTY AND YOUR MEMBERS!

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        You would think so, wouldn’t you Ross? If this is so important to you, you should look to involve yourself. You too, MB Green. Give me a call, and I’ll point you in a positive direction so you both can make the changes you see that need to be made. I’ll warn you though, it will involve you rolling up your sleeves and actually doing some work.

        • Lowell Fulk says:

          You know, the kind of work that involves more than posting on a blog in all caps…

          • Myron Rhodes says:

            Yeah, I’ve never been introduced to a “Ross” at any of the democrat functions I’ve been to Lowell.

        • Ross says:

          Mr. Fulk,
          Are you saying the local Democratic Party Officials that are in there now, are not willing to “roll up their sleeves and actually do some work” to get candidates for local elections?

          • JGFitzgerald says:

            I think he’s saying you’re not. I wouldn’t say that, because I don’t know you. Do you have a name, or just an opinion?

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            Of course not, Ross. Joe gets what I mean. It’s quite easy to armchair quarterback, and another thing entirely to involve oneself in the work, dedication and investment necessary to mount a serious campaign effort. If you believe strongly enough, you’ll be willing to participate. If not, talk is simply talk. The local leadership is made up of very good and hard working folks. I’m certain they’d welcome you and your involvement. Keep in mind, people who only offer criticism without also offering of themselves to make things better, aren’t worth so much in my mind.

            Don’t really know what we’d talk about Seth.

          • Ross says:

            Mr Fulk, With all due respect – that is a very immature answer. In my mind, the main purpose of the Party Chair Person is to recruit viable candidates for each and every election that has an unopposed Republican candidate.

            There is no way for me to obtain the position of Party Chair to recruit for this election. Its fine for you to pass the buck to me saying – if I want it done, do it myself. Well, that is not my position w/in the party. Yes, I have worked with the local Democratic Party in a few elections. I worked hard for the candidate that “THE PARTY” woo’d.

            Considering, all I am saying is – Hey, lets find a person to run against a Republican candidate that appears to have lost favor with her constituents. Lets get the party wheels turning. Get the leadership in the party actively looking for someone to run.

            I really don’t understand why it being turned back on me as my responsibility since I want to have a choice for this position.

          • JGFitzgerald says:

            How it should be, in your mind, must be interesting to you. But it’s not to people who don’t know who you are. Those involved in the Democratic Party work according to its rules, not according to how someone or another thinks, in their mind, it should happen. Or, to paraphrase A Man For All Seasons, the world may construe by its wits, the Democrats will construe by the Party Plan. And besides, good candidates are almost never recruited. They choose themselves.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            With all due respect, politics don’t operate for everyone else, solely in your mind; they operate in that entity we refer to as reality.

            I did not suggest what you’ve stated. I suggest that you become involved… Work hard, invest of yourself, make a positive difference.

            You sound like you could be a beneficial member of a team which would work together to elect sensible and solid people to represent our shared best interests.

            I look forward to working with you.

          • Ross says:

            Gentlemen, evidently the Republican leaders have the same mind set as me. They get an opponent (sometimes a dead opponent) for any race where there is a Democratic candidate.

            Once again, all I am saying is lets have a choice, lets have a candidate.

  16. seth says:

    don’t bother calling, in my experience you shouldn’t expect a call back.

  17. MF says:


    That is not how it works. The candidate makes up his or her mind they want to run for office, the party chair supports their run for office. If no one even expresses an interest in running for an office its hard for a party chair to “recruit” anyone to do it. You are thinking like this is a boss tweed situation. There is no moneyed interests in Harrisonburg pulling the strings to get their candidate in office. Bottom line, running for office is a tuff thing. It can pull family’s apart and drain retirement funds. Many people have full time jobs that don’t allow them the time it takes to run for local office. It is not a job most people will volunteer for if they think their chances of winning are slim.

    • Ross says:

      MF, You’d better tell all the people running for Sheriff that. It is now obvious to me why the Republicans have such a strong hold on VA – they are not afraid to go after something they want – Unfortunately, in an often cut throat method.

      When I googled the responsibility of the party chair I found this: “Recruiting and Supporting Good Candidates == Political chairs work closely with political candidates to ensure that the right candidate has the strongest possible party support. This includes the duty to find qualified and appropriate candidates to run for local offices if no one steps forward to fill a seat.”

      Lets plant some seeds and see if interest grows. When is the party nomination deadline any way?

  18. MF says:

    I googled Ross and found out you are a national chain of retail stores. Come on….

  19. Ross says:

    The Democrats in this area deserve representation. I believe this should be embarrassing to all the Dems here. You have a Sheriff’s race and Commonwealth Attorney’s race with no representation. Seriously, are you too lazy to work for your party? C’mon Democratic Leaders, get off your back-side and get to work! PLEASE.

  20. Lowell Fulk says:

    I’ll be looking for you at our next meeting Ross. Glad to know you’re ready to get to work!

    When? Thursday, April 28th
    Time? 7:00pm
    Where? Board of Supervisor’s Meeting Room
    Rockingham County Administration Building
    20 East Gay Street
    Harrisonburg, VA 22802

    Our Meetings are open to all who want to get involved in helping our community and improving our government at all levels.

    This month’s special guest will be David Toscano, the Democratic Delegate representing House District 57!

    We will also hear a presentation by Beau Morgan, the Director of Earth Korps!

    And we welcome back Andy Schmookler who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for Congress in Virginia’s Sixth District!

    Come and join us, bring a friend, and find out the details of what is going on!

    And MF, thank you for your very well stated comment.

    • Lowell Fulk says:

      Delegate David Toscano, will review the recent 2011 Virginia legislative session and the current redrawing of House and Senate Districts in Virginia.
      Delegate Toscano represents the 57th House District, VA House of Delegates, which includes the City of Charlottesville and part of Albemarle County.
      David Toscano was elected to his first term in the Virginia House of Delegates in November 2005.

    • Lowell Fulk says:

      We are most happy to have Captain Beau Morgan join us again! Morgan is the director of Earth Korps, a non-profit organization dedicated to removing trash from Shenandoah Valley rivers and streams. Beau will give us an update on his group’s recent cleanup activities.
      Earth Korps is a wonderful example of grassroots environmentalism and a reminder that each of us can make a difference in the world we live.

    • Lowell Fulk says:

      Andrew Schmookler, activist, scholar, radio talk show host and award-winning author, will discuss why he is seeking the Democratic nomination for Virginia’s sixth district U.S. Congressional seat in 2012 and share his concerns for our country’s future.

    • Daniel says:

      Boy, this sounds like a really good time! Toss in Mr. Stump from the Andy Griffith Show and some popcorn balls and I’m there!

  21. MF says:

    Yes, every dem should be embarrassed that local Dem leadership are not wasting their time and money on two races that stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting a democrat elected. Google the number of Republican voters in Rockingham County. Wouldn’t you rather have them save their resources for races that can be won? As I said before there is no moneyed interests in Harrisonburg that will puke out cash every time theres election. You have to be wise with your money or you will risk being poorly underfunded when you are faced with an election you can win (2012 city council).

    • Emmy says:

      Thank you MF!

    • Ross says:

      Yup, you have Republicans and an Independent who feel it’s worth the fight for Sheriff – but heavens no, don’t put a Democrat in the race – after all, they may loose. Definitely don’t want a candidate for Commonwealth Attorney – after all, they may loose.

      Dag-gone folks, it’s just like the lottery – if you don’t play, you CAN’T win. You may just be surprised to hear of the valley ice storm. It’s harboring frigid feelings towards Ms Garst due to past performance related issues. That snowball may have a better chance than you’re giving it credit for.

      Lowell, when did you say that nomination deadline is?

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        The nomination deadline is somewhat in flux until the House/Senate/Governor can agree on redistricting.
        The deadline listed at the moment would be August 23rd.

  22. MF says:

    You act like Democrats are choosing not to put a chess piece on the board. If no one steps up to run for office, there is no candidate to support especially in these two races. And why is there no lawyers or law enforcement officers stepping up to run as a Dem? Maybe because if they do loose it could put their job in jeopardy. Ask Mrs. Fulk about that one. So you would like someone to die upon the sword so you feel better?

    • Ross says:

      OK, you win…..or lose…..aaaahhhh whatever

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        So, you aren’t sincere?

        • Ross says:

          Mr. Fulk,
          Love, Faith and Hope. Local Democrats have no Hope, if you don’t try.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            So Ross, I can expect to see you at the meeting on the 28th ready to get to work and recruit candidates? I look forward to meeting and working with you.

          • Ross says:

            Mr Fulk, you get a candidate – I’ll work hard to get them elected.

            By the way, we’ve met.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            Mr. Ross,
            You show me some investment of yourself and involvement of yourself, and I’ll get us a candidate.
            I don’t know if we’ve met or not. You hide behind anonymity, I don’t.
            I think perhaps that you are a troll…
            Prove me wrong.

          • Ross says:

            Mr. Fulk,
            I am very serious about getting a Democratic Candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney. I do like to fish however, I’m not a troll.
            I believe if you were honest with yourself, you would admit almost everything I said in regards to finding a Democratic Candidate.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            If you are serious, then you’ll show up to make a pitch to the Democratic Committee. I’m sure they’ll listen with interest to your thoughts and ideas. Volunteer to take a position, perhaps in candidate recruitment, and you’ll really gain their interest. Don’t just talk the talk, walk it…

          • Ross says:

            Get it, got it, good. Finding a candidate is pivotal on me. Pitiful.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            Now, who is immature again? You want something, go help make it happen, don’t expect everyone to jump into action at your behest, anonymous at that, without you being willing to roll up your sleeves and pitch in at least to the level you expect from others.

          • Ross says:

            Mr. Fulk,
            Let’s get it straight! Party leaders, Republican or Democrat, are responsible for recruiting candidates. PERIOD! Yes, there are other responsibilities however, you HAVE TO BE IN THE GAME!
            Mr. Fulk, I hate to cyber slap you around but, your EXCUSES for not getting a candidate for the two current races are ridiculous! DANG!

          • Ross says:

            The scene: The Democratic Party Meeting:

            Hello, my name is Ross. I think we should have candidates for the up-coming Commonwealth Attorney and Sheriff race in November. Gosh, I really don’t know any people to approach since I have virtually no contact with those qualified to run. Since you all must know more people than me, do you know of people to approach to get them fired up about this election?

            Yep, I can see where my input at that meeting is crucial.

        • Lowell Fulk says:

          Mr. Ross, I hate to cyber slap you around but, your EXCUSES for not getting INVOLVED are ridiculous! DANG!

          Seriously, are you too lazy to work for your party?

          Your words pretty easily turn back to you, don’t they, Mr. Ross?

          By the way,
          I’m supporting Major C.M. Hess, the Independent Candidate for Sheriff, because in my mind he is the best qualified and directly trained individual for such an important position in our community.

          • Emmy says:

            Lowell you’re wasting your energy. If he really cared he’d be there no matter what. If for no other reason than to prove his belief that the Dem’s don’t care. Personally I’m getting bored with his trolling.

          • Bazrik says:

            Wow, enough. How about conceding a little here, guys. Maybe it’s the responsibility of both of you – one as a leader of the party, the other as a member – to find candidates. But we’re on about round #15 of tossing blame back and forth.

          • Ross says:

            I was done back on 4/19 at 9:33p. I think Mr Fulk protests too much. Why keep it going? Who was he trying to convince – me or himself? I have expressed my opinion. Where I come from, things are handled differently and I evidently have different expectations from those who lead.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            I’m just tired of the armchair Monday morning quarterbacking.

            When I was in a leadership position I worked quite hard recruiting very high quality and highly qualified individuals to seek office as Democratic candidates. While the wonderful folks who invested of themselves volunteering put their hearts and souls into the effort and did an amazing job in supporting and working for those candidates, many Democratic leaning voters made up their minds not to participate. Some did, and bless them for so doing; but a great number did not, and stayed home on election day.

            They didn’t want to be bothered with phone calls, they didn’t want to be bothered at their doors, they didn’t want to contribute money, and they made it clear they didn’t want to hear anything about it at all.

            But the way more than a few DO want to participate is pointing out what’s wrong and complaining when candidates aren’t lining up for ensuing elections.

            When good folks who might consider running for office look around at such goings on, it kind of makes it hard to convince them to jump in.

            If people seriously want candidates, they’ve got to let the potential candidates know that their backs will be covered and that they’ll have support.

          • Bazrik says:

            Isn’t it funny how eloquent and succinct your responses became all of the sudden!

            The minute someone from outside of your back and forth pointed out that you were bickering, you stopped and stated your point of view better than in any of your previous posts.

            We can oftentimes get so caught up in the “fight” of debate that we forget that the point is not to annoy or hurt the other person, but to express opinion and reach a middle ground – that can include “agree to disagree” or a place where you can learn a something from the other person’s point of view.

            Taking a step back from ourselves – even a little one – can be invaluable.

          • Lowell Fulk says:

            I believe, Mr./Ms. Bazrik, that most of my comments on this topic have pretty consistently made the point I just reiterated: If you, or anyone else who desires to have candidates to compete for elected office, then you have a very real responsibility to involve yourself in the work required…
            I have little patience anymore for people who sit on the sidelines, on their hands, while at the same time criticizing my friends who are working and attempting at least, to make a positive difference.

          • Bazrik says:

            Hey Lowell – lay off the accelerator. I wasn’t disagreeing with your point of view, and I’m not sharing Ross’s. You can take me out of the group you just lumped me in with.

            My comment had nothing to do with either “side” of this debate – it simply related to the fact that, LONG ago, you had both stopped listening, and had taken over this forum with about 20+ posts that focused solely on trying to “beat” the other guy. We all got the point a long time ago, my friend.

            I usually agree with most of what you write, but how about cooling your jets for a moment. Take a breath, don’t light in to an immediate angry reply to me, and acknowledge that even the best of us can get a little stuck in “fight mode”. That’s all I meant to say in the first place, ok?

  23. Ross says:

    That’s alright, it was just a typo. We all do it now and then. Thanks

  24. Shen CC says:


    Does anybody have ANY kind of update on this case @ this time? Surely it’s not completely cold?

  25. Jared Brown says:

    [edited] It’s hurtful to see a news update about my own father disentigrate into meaningless semantics. If you want to argue, shoot me an email. Otherwise, keep political talk under a polital story. Thanks.

  26. Jared Brown says:

    And here’s my email address:


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