Castillo To Be Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Brent Finnegan -- May 18th, 2011

Isabel Castillo, an undocumented immigrant DREAM activist from Harrisonburg, will be the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of San Francisco.

Photo by Jon Styer/Eastern Mennonite University

Photo by Jon Styer/Eastern Mennonite University.

The New York Times reports:

Stephen A. Privett, the president of the University of San Francisco, said he decided to award the degree after reading about Ms. Castillo in the On Education column in The New York Times earlier this year. He said the university wanted to “underscore the fundamental unfairness of our denying a path to citizenship to some of the most motivated college students in the country.”

Castillo, a graduate of EMU, has been actively involved in advocating for the DREAM Act, which would give legal standing to unauthorized immigrant college students whose parents brought them to the country illegally when they were children. She has received national attention after leading rallies, organizing a march on Washington and staging a sit-in protest at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office, which led to her arrest in July 2010.

The degree will be conferred this Friday, May 20, on the USF campus during graduation ceremonies for undergraduate students in art, architecture, performing arts and social sciences.

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50 Responses to “Castillo To Be Awarded Honorary Doctorate”

  1. Bazrik says:

    Why do I think that this article will garner about 150 comments? Nutjobs, start your engines!

  2. David Miller says:

    I’m pretty impressed with Castillo’s gumption

  3. republitarian says:

    Does it count if an illegal immigrant wins an honorary doctorate?

  4. Lowell Fulk says:

    She is quite an impressive individual. I can easily see her one day in Congress.

    • How is she earning a living now?

      If she’s working, she’s violating the law…if someone is employing her, she’s violating the law. Did she report the income that she was beneficiary of when she attended EMU, at over $100,000 for her four years…if not, she likely violated the law.

      Of course, like Republicans in Congress, she would merely add to the number of Democrats in Congress who violate the law without a second thought.

      However, since she can’t legally vote, she can’t be elected to office — any office.

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        Perhaps Dave, we should deport anyone who violates your interpretation of “the law”?… Mine would be an empty estate were such to be done, and obviously a gain for all “right thinking” people such as you. Perhaps that is precisely the course which our (only not so much mine anymore since I would be deported) country should take. Think of all the wealth which would be gained by “real” patriots!

        Let’s see, this has already been done in the past… Could anyone refresh my memory by whom?

        • I don’t know, Lowell, the last time I contested a law that you and the balance of the Board members of the County School Board interpreted, wrongly, the Board asked Weatherholtz to introduce a law that conformed to the illegal position of you and the Board…

          The law begins:

          “Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary”…

          Seems like my interpretation of law seems to be spot on, when I choose to interpret a law.

      • Witness says:

        When I met her at EMU, she said she was working for the courthouse in Hburg as a translator…lol!

      • java697 says:

        When I met her at EMU, she said she was working for the court house in Hburg as a translator!

    • Joe says:

      doesn’t she have to be a US Citizen to do that?

  5. Delataire says:

    I’d be more impressed if he gave scholarships to needy American students.

  6. David Miller says:

    Does what count Myron? Do you mean, is there some Official Eastern European Caucasian Honorary Doctorate for the United States Organization to negate her achievements due to her immigration status?

    • republitarian says:

      I was just wondering how someone can be as visible as she is and not be found by ICE?

      As most everyone knows, I don’t have a problem with some parts of the DREAM Act.

      • Bazrik says:

        …didn’t take long for this to start

      • Sounds like you might have a fundamental misunderstanding of what ICE does.

        There’s an ICE office next to Jalisco’s in Harrisonburg. It’s nearly impossible that those agents are unaware of Isabel. But it’s not their objective to deport all known unauthorized immigrants.

        ICE works with local law enforcement to deport immigrants who commit crimes such as selling fake IDs, trafficking drugs, violent acts, etc. Since Isabel is not, to my knowledge, committing those crimes, she’s not a priority for ICE.

        Most DREAM Activists are essentially undeportable. If they were to deport Isabel, it would probably be front page of the NYT, and cause a major public relations backlash.

        • How many of you guys get your drugs from “unlicensed pharmacists”?

          The term is ILLEGAL ALIEN.

        • Joe says:

          so the Govt isn’t doing it’s job because of politics…that’s shame.

          • David Miller says:

            like we also commonly debase other humans who commit crimes

            ILLEGAL DRIVER (“common usage” for those demonized for their refusal to adhere to any or all driving laws)

            ILLEGAL PARENT (“common usage” for those demonized for their refusal or inability to pay child support)

            ILLEGAL CORPORATION (“common usage” for those demonized for their refusal to work within the public good as corporations are legally bound)

            ILLEGAL PEDESTRIAN (“common usage” for those demonized for their refusal to adhere to any or all regulations regarding pedestrians)

            point being, YOUR term is ILLEGAl ALIEN, meanwhile I’ll still avoid debasing my fellow human beings in that manner

      • Lowell Fulk says:

        And which parts of the Dream Act would those be, Myron? And with which parts do you have a problem? Most everyone may well know, but evidently I’ve missed your discussion on the issue.

  7. Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh says:

    That young woman is a perfect example of the greatness of our immigrant nation. She’s got grit and determination!

    She’s even adopted a fightin’hillbilly no-nonsense approach!

    The college education, readiness to work and pay her taxes seal the deal.

  8. Mar51 says:

    I attended the graduation ceremony on Friday and heard Ms. Castillo speak. The response was not as enthusiastic as was reported in the media. At least half of the people in attendance politely sat and listened as we were lectured on how unfairly people who are here ILLEGALLY are treated. Somehow, Ms. Castillo feels entitled to a college education at the taxpayers expense. No gratitude was shown for the THIRTEEN years of free education she had already received. By her own admission, she did not have a SS# and now works under the table so neither she nor her parents have payed anything in taxes these last 20 years.

    In August my daughter will be doing graduate work in Colorado. I will be paying OUT OF STATE TUITION for that privilege because I do not pay taxes in that state. Expensive for me, but fair. Why does Ms. Castillo think those who should not be in this country should be taking the place of a citizen, and at a reduced rate.

    I, and most of the parents (who were paying $40,000 a year for our students) were insulted by her lack of gratitude for what she had been given, and her “entitlement” attitude.

    I have sent my last dollar to the University.

    • Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh says:

      This woman has spent 21 years with people dismissing her as “illegal” before she got impatient, your trip to impatience took one weekend? But never mind that, you would have to ask Bob Goodlatte why she can’t have a job.

    • Deb SF says:

      Just a factual note about taxes that undocumented immigrants pay: according USA Today, the Social Security Administration estimates that about three-quarters of illegal workers pay taxes that contribute to the overall solvency of Social Security and Medicare. They often use ITINs instead of SS numbers. Employers are not obligated to check SS numbers for validity. The Pew Center estimates that they also pay $1.6 billion in property taxes and $8.4 billion in sales taxes, both non-avoidable (renters pay prop taxes in their monthly rent checks).

      • Nicholas DS says:

        To add to Deb’s tax figures, the Social Security Administration calculates that undocumented immigrants pay $6 to $7 billion into the SS trust fund each year and they certainly are drawing back out of it.

      • David Miller says:

        Good points Deb.

    • Mar51,

      Quite aside from making a complete fool of yourself with your false claims about tax payments by illegal aliens, I am simply going to note that when someone starts using capitalized block letters in posts, it is prima facie evidence that they do not have a case and have let their brain fall out of their head and then accidentally stepped on it while screaming loudly.

  9. Nicholas DS says:

    correction: “…they certainly are [not] drawing back out of it.”

  10. So Deb attempts to excuse the presence of illegal aliens by using an argument that they’re supporting the “solvency” of social security…geez.

    • Bazrik says:

      Ahhh, what a telling thing to post an article from “The Blaze”, Briggman…

      Quoting from “About The Blaze” – “The Blaze is a news, information and opinion site brought to you by Glenn Beck and a dedicated team of writers, journalists & video producers.”

      Great source material, bud.

    • David Miller says:

      So you don’t see her point as a validation that undocumented immigrants pay their fair share and are proven to use fewer resources than citizens? Isn’t that why we have an employer based tax system, to get peoples taxes one way or another?

    • David Miller says:

      that site is hilarious! I just read a truly insightful “report” titled “Has the Digital Camera Killed Regular Film Photography?” Now that’s in depth and up to date journalism!

    • Deb SF says:

      No, Dave. Open the pod bay doors. I was commenting on Mar51’s assertion that “neither she nor her parents have payed anything in taxes these last 20 years.” geez….

  11. Delataire says:

    Miller the term illegal alien is part of the US code.

    Title 8 section 1401

    Sorry the pdf link to it will not post?

    • David Miller says:

      fair enough, I still find its use to be degrading and won’t be using it, ever. I really think that people use it to intentionally dehumanize immigrants, US vs THEM style

      • Joe says:

        not immigrants…illegal immigrants. do you not know the difference? immigrants are just fine, it’s when they don’t come here legally that problems arise.

        I sort of wonder if folks like yourself really don’t know the difference or intentionally try to mislead people.

  12. nicklaus combs says:

    still waiting on briggman to go for the citizen’s arrest.

  13. Matt Jarrels says:

    Dave, although the story you linked above is undoubtedly tragic, it is inarguably unwise to assume the wrongdoings of one person apply to a people as a whole. I hope this fact requires no further explanation.

    • Delataire says:

      Matt, from my perspective the “people” you speak of tend to shelter and protect the violent criminal element within their community.

      • David Miller says:

        really? These “people” you speak of who shelter and protect the violent criminal element within their community”. Who is it you speak of, the undocumented immigrant community? Really? Is there at least some sort of study of biased reporting to back that accusation up? Besides the facts that we make it frightening and dangerous for the undocumented community to report crimes for fear of their own deportation that is?

  14. Hburgresident says:

    She can be found working (under the table) at the courts in virginia as an interpreter or at EL SOl RESTAURANT (working under the table) so if you would like her assistance as an interpreter, you can find her at any of these places…I support the dream act 100% but not when you are taking advantage of not only the system but of hispanics who are trying to obtain real interpreting services, which is not what Ms. Castillo offers.

  15. Carlos Aleman says:

    It’s fantastic news when any member of our community is nationally recognized for outstanding achievement. In this case, Castillo’s work is being recognized for demonstrating the ideals and values articulated in the mission of that private institution. Big kudos to Ms. Castillo.

  16. Mike Gale says:

    Good for USF and Fr. Privett in bringing to our attention that in order to foster a more just and humane world we need to bring complex issues such as these to the forefront. Like it or not we turn the other eye to human trafficking. Many of our ancestors came to this country illegally or were bought and sold into this country. This has been her home and she contributes far more to our great diverse nation than many of the self entitled kids who are only interested in video games and pop culture, who have no sense of the world they live in and the opportunities they are passing by. And to split hairs about who or what is illegal activity or who pays taxes. Let’s just start with wait staff. The IRS say 50 percent of income is not reported by legal Americans. Should we lock then up or ship them to another country? Petty arguments not with discussing

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